Tracking Books Read

Every year I say it: I will read more books. It’s not so much a resolution as a goal. As an author and book lover I should read more books.

Back when I traveled frequently for work (many, many years ago when I had better skin and bottomless energy) I devoured books. I’d buy paperbacks by the pile and stash away two or three in my carry-on luggage between the hard hat and steel-toed boots. (I wrote safety publications. My luggage was weird.) Many times, I’d also check out audio books from the library (on CD, no less). With hours spent on planes and in airports, plus an additional twenty or so behind the wheel of a car traveling from location to location, I had a lot of time for reading.

(It’s worth noting that this was also a point in my life when I didn’t have cable or streaming channels. Oh what a time to be young, have a library card, and the ability to function on very little sleep.)

With that kind of history, in recent years, when I look back at how many books I’ve read (and compare it to my friends’ reading lists) I get a bit of FOMO. I can blame a little of it on my writing, changed job, and Netflix, but really, it’s on me. I don’t prioritize my reading time like I should.

This year, in an effort to cast aside that feeling of missing out on good books, I am trying something new. In addition using the Goodreads Reading Challenge as I have in the pst, going to hold myself accountable with a couple of tracking tools. Created with Canva, I designed a print-out worksheet for my Happy Planner.

Using the same color scheme and design that I have for my other goal trackers, it fits right in with the other pages. I also gave myself more blank books on the shelf than I would need to reach my goal of 50 reads this year, but I hope that only motivates and challenges me more.

I hope that by having it stare me in the face every day when I open it up, I’ll be reminded to keep reading. (Along with remembering to hydrate, get up and move, and generally get stuff done.)

I also created a super simple template to use in my Instagram stories.

Again, it matches the other tracking tools I will be using, and it will be a public way for me to share my reading list with my peeps.

Of course these tracking tools will only work if I make sure to use them, but I figure it’s a start. Do any of you have a special way of tracking your reading list? What are your reading goals for the new year?


  1. Perfect way to track your books! I have a nifty little template to trace around–but it is little. Still, it has a nice variety of books. I’m planning to color in the books when I read and track the titles etc. below. Because they aren’t large enough to write a title in. I love Canva. I may go follow your example.

    I’ve got a goodreads goal, too. But will have other reads to count that won’t go up there since they’re Betas. 🙂

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