‘Charlotte’s Web’ Mini Cross Stitch

This month, I’ll be sharing some (mostly) quick miniature cross-stitch patterns each week. They’re designed (for the most part) to be a project you can sit down and complete during a couple episodes of your favorite TV show.

I loved E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web as a little girl. Though set in Maine, and I a Nebraska girl through and through, it reminded me of home. No, I didn’t live on a farm, but a city with (at the time) more than 200,000 residents. But any time we went somewhere, we saw lots of farms.

And of course, there’s the friendship and camaraderie amongst the animals. They all work together to keep the natural order of things from taking one of their friends away to an unfortunate end.

So here it is, my tribute to Charlotte and Wilbur, one of the greatest literary friendships of all time.

Download the Pattern

Supply List

12-inch Aida Cloth
2-inch Embroidery Hoop
Light Pink embroidery floss (two strands)
Black embroidery floss (two strands)

You will use a standard cross-stitch and back-stitches plus one French knot (our little Charlotte) to complete this project.

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